Private services

The National Health Service provides most health care to most people free of charge, but there are exceptions such as prescription charges. The NHS does not employ GPs but instead has a contract with them to provide NHS general medical services for their patients. General Practitioners are often asked to conduct medical examinations or supply medical information to or on behalf of a third party, e.g. for life assurance or sickness cover insurance claims. This work is not covered by the NHS and therefore a fee is usually payable to the practice.

It is up to the individual practice to decide how much to charge, although the British Medical Association produces lists of suggested fees for the GPs to use as a guideline.

When a Doctor signs a certificate or completes a report, the Doctor needs to check the patient’s entire medical record to ensure that they are providing accurate information. Please note: not all documents need a signature by a Doctor. For example, you could ask another person in a position of trust, who may be willing to sign a passport application free of charge, e.g. Teacher, Accountant, Bank Clerk.

Please note the following:

All private fees must be paid in advance. We accept cash or cheques. Cheques made payable to Graham Road Surgery.

Doctors will NOT accept requests to complete these forms, etc. during a consultation.

Failure to attend an appointment for a private form/examination will result in a charge of 50% of the fee. Additional fees may be incurred for additional information, e.g. blood tests.

Please remember that consultations with sick patients must take priority over this PRIVATE (non NHS) work and therefore there may be a delay in getting examinations or forms completed. We aim to complete documentation within ten working days of receipt of payment. However, please bear in mind this is not always possible during busy periods.

Fees, updated 2019:

Driving Licence Forms Not Completed
Passport Forms Not Completed
Private Prescriptions £15
Private Medical Certificates £15
Fitness to Travel (without examination) £30
Fitness to Travel (with examination) £60
Private Letter regarding medical information £25
Holiday Cancellation Form (without examination) £30
Holiday Cancellation Form (with examination) £60
Private medical claim form, e.g. BUPA £30
Private medical “pre-treatment” form, e.g. BUPA £30
School/University Letter, e.g. fees insurance claim, letters for exam boards        (without examination) £30
School/University Letter (with examination) £60
“To whom it may concern” Letter, e.g. housing/social care £25
Other Letters including DWP appeals (without examination) £30
Other Letters including DWP appeals (with examination) £60
Private Consultations, per 10 minutes £30
HGV £100
Taxi £100
Court of Protection (examination and report) £120
Capacity Assessment, with form/letter £85
Power of Attorney, with form £60
Fostering £120
Racing Driver, recreational purposes only £120
Racing Driver, recreational purposes only £120
Private Pilot/Gliding, recreational purposes only £120
Diving/Parachuting, recreational purposes only £120
Immigration £120
Basic Fitness for Sport/Attend Gym/Personal Trainer, must attend consult with GP £45
Cambridge Diet Medical Record Form, must attend consult with GP £45
Lighter Life/Weight Loss Plan Form, must attend consult with GP £45.00
DNA Testing, per person, kit supplied by patient £40
Access to Medical Records Free
Private Blood Test, plus cost of laboratory test £25