Repeat prescriptions

Repeat Prescription Service

For any and all prescription related requests or queries, submit a request to us via AskmyGP. This can up to 3 working days for the prescription to be signed off and sent to your nominated pharmacy.

Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS)

Graham Road Surgery use the NHS Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS). This allows your prescription to go electronically direct to your nominated pharmacy so will save a lot of paper. You will need to sign up to a repeat prescription service at your preferred pharmacy or use our online service Patient Access.

Please note EPS is not an automatic prescription ordering service but will save travelling time for your prescription to arrive at your pharmacy from the surgery. Please sign up with your chosen pharmacy soon. They will explain the services they can offer you to make your repeat prescription pathway more convenient.

For more information regarding the Electronic Prescriptions Service please click here.

To sign up to our online services you will need to download and print a Patient Online Registration Form and take some ID into Reception. Your account will be activated and an envelope with your login details will usually be available to collect from Reception within 5 working days.

Patient Online Registration Form

If you would like to nominate your pharmacy so your prescriptions get sent electronically, please print the EPS Nomination Form and hand in to Reception. Please note this is only making sure your prescription goes to the pharmacy of your choice, not ordering your prescription in any way.

EPS Nomination Form

If you are already signed up to Online Services with Patient Access you will be able to nominate your pharmacy through that website.

We would like to make patients aware that whilst EPS is more convenient, it will not speed up the processing of your prescription – please allow three working days from order to collection. Minimum 48 hours for the surgery and 24 hours for the Pharmacy to collect and dispense.

We have dedicated Prescription Administrators to deal with requests for repeat medication. We make it a priority to ensure that patients with ongoing medical problems are monitored regularly.

On occasions, a repeat prescription may not be able to be processed by the Prescription Administrator and you will be asked to see the doctor. This is done to protect you and to make sure your illness and medication is monitored. Please accept this offer of an appointment in the way it is intended. Your GP may also wish to monitor your illness and medication by arranging for any tests that you require, such as blood pressure readings or blood tests, in order to provide you with repeat prescriptions.

Please allow a MINIMUM of 48 hours for a prescription request to be fulfilled. If you have registered to use a pharmacy to collect your repeat prescriptions, please allow another 24 hours for them to prepare your medication.

Online Repeat Prescriptions

We are now able to offer our patients the facility to order online repeat prescriptions using the internet. This is available 24 hours a day. We hope that this will be more convenient for you and will also give our reception staff more time to deal with other enquiries.

To use this service, you must first register at reception and you will then be given a letter that you can use to log into the website below. Please carefully read the information below.

How to register for our internet services:

If you are already registered, to place a prescription request online please click here. The link will open in a new window

You can also create a repeat prescription request by the following methods:

1. Online

2. By completing the left hand part of a previous prescription and placing in the prescriptions box in the waiting room of the surgery.

3. By printing this form Repeat Prescription Request and placing in the prescriptions box in the waiting room of the surgery.